New strategic partnership between Eden Library and AGROMA

agroma and eden library partnership

AGROMA and Eden Library join forces to bring innovative solutions for plant protection in specialty crops. Through this strategic partnership, the innovative Viewer system for plant monitoring and visual inspection is distributed through the leading sprayer manufacturer in Greece, AGROMA. The cooperation of the two companies contributes to a more effective supervision of crops with sophisticated optical means and offers information on i) the infection of diseases, ii) the counting of fruits per tree, and iii) the estimation of the final production. Finally, the combined use of the Viewer with AGROMA sprayers, ensures more targeted spraying and timely forecasting of final yield. 

AGROMA, based in Veria (GR) and founded in 1977, is the most renowned manufacturer of sprayers in Greece and has a complete range of machines that cover all spraying needs, with emphasis on construction quality and reliability. Eden Library is a spin-off company of the Agricultural University of Athens founded in 2021, and through the Viewer device provides precision agriculture solutions, with optical recognition and artificial intelligence technologies. 

As stated by Nikos Mylonas, Co-founder & CEO of Eden Library, the integration of smart and economical solutions by Greek producers will make the difference in highly competitive products and markets. “We are particularly proud because the complete solution of Viewer –  AGROMA sprayer, is an innovation on a global level, in terms of smart spraying and optical scanning of the crop’’.  The owner of AGROMA, Nikos Petkos, stated that “Οnly innovative ideas in collaboration with high technology will give the advantageous lead to modern Greek producers. Our collaboration with Eden Library is a game-changer in plant protection and gives smart solutions and information to producers. With the reduction of production costs in combination with the reduction of the environmental footprint, the Greek producer will now have the advantage in the demanding markets of Europe”.

The common goal of the two companies is the full integration of the Viewer system in AGROMA’s sprayers, and the smart cooperation of the two systems in real time during spraying. The Viewer system works on apple, peach and vine farms, while its ideal for both individual producers and farmer cooperatives that can operate the device collectively. The first orders of the system have already been made and by 2023 production will be increased to cover more domestic and foreign clients.

For more information, please contact AGROMA’s sales network, at (+30) 233 10 27 100, email: or visit AGROMA’s website